paper nikes.

by - 08:01

HOLY. CRAP. Words cannot describe how awesome these paper Nikes are. David Brownings created these beauties as part of what appears to be an installation piece in a Nike shop. I know I posted ton of photos, but I could not resist. I think they are unreal!


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  1. Anonymous9.11.09

    HOLY CRAP would be the words to describe them exactly - how awesome! I don't even want to know how tedious they were to make because they're so cool and fun to look at. Thanks so much for sharing :-) Made my afternoon to see such intricate work.

  2. Anonymous9.11.09

    HA. Ok. so my lifelong dream is to become a shoe designer, but not only a shoe designer, but to actually hand make each shoe. And so shoe cobbling is completely a dead art. there is only one *program* in the entire US where one can learn, and you still have to be a fashion major and learn clothes, too (which is great, but I just want shoes). I even went to every shoe repair shop in chicago asking if they were hiring, hell, if they'd take me for free so I can learn, and they all thought I was crazy. So then I thought I'd try teaching myself, which isn't really possible since the only book that exists is an out-of-print book that costs near 1000$. But what I did was tear shoes apart, look at how they were made, and then made construction paper designs based off that pattern. I couldn't make real ones since I didn't have the machinery, so paper was the next best. Unfortunately, after 10 pairs of paper shoes, I have no evidence of this as they were in the basement of my parent's house when it flooded. damn damn.


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