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Well, I'm not going to lie. 165 miles of bicycle riding over bridges was no cake walk. I was extremely dehydrated on the first day and had to stop after 50+ miles so that the doctors could pump me with fluids. I was even hooked up to an IV (eeps)! Then, the next day, we could not have asked for worse weather conditions: cold, rain, and wind gusts of 25 - 30 mph over bridges. Needless to say, many of the riders were picked up by the SMART ride crew and taken to Key West. So, although I could not complete the entire one hundred and sixty-five miles, I will say that the whole experience was truly AMAZING, to say the least. And if anything, the past few days taught me a lot about myself and the type of person I want to become. And it made me want to do it all over again in 2011.

P.S. I wanted to thank ALL of you who donated to the cause. It meant so much to me and to the SMART ride, as well!!! Thank you thank you thank you!


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  1. Anonymous10.1.10

    congratulations.. exciting! welcome home!

  2. Great effort T! Congratulations :)

  3. t, i'm not sure if i would have made it 10 miles... those bicycle seats are so uncomfortable!
    you're a badass.

  4. Anonymous11.1.10

    Congrats, Tanya! You've ridden more than I ever have, so bravo :)

  5. I'm so sorry I didn't ask you about your ride before! Congrats lady, I admire you!

  6. Congrats, T! This is so amazing that you made such courageous effort! Big Love. D-


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