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These beautiful images of Boston are tempting me. I read somewhere, too, that Boston is the friendliest walking city in the country. The country! Then, my blogger friend Melina (who currently resides in Chicago) elaborated on why she loves Boston so much by telling me this:

Well, firstly, it's considered a Global City.
Boston is as important as San Fran.
But it's technically smaller than most
global cities, and it definitely feels intimate.

Secondly, Beacon Hill, is by far the loveliest
neighborhood to ever walk around, ever.
Between the rolling hills you have to climb to
the cobblestone streets to the French doored
balconies, ohmygod, it's perfect.

Third, which isn't as huge of a deal
for you as it is for me, since you've
already got it: you're right by the ocean.
Which means sailboats and nautical EVERYTHING.

Fourth, you can be in Montreal in under 2 hours, driving.

Fifth, you can be in a ton of different states in under 1 hour.

Sixth, Western Mass is one of the loveliest nature-areas. Ever.

So there you have it. Another city in the continental U.S. that is beckoning for us to move. What will happen? Who knows. Only time will tell...dun dun dun!!!

PHOTOS COURTESY OF: (I can't remember where I found these! If you know, please tell me!)

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  1. t, if you move to boston, we can visit you guys twice a year because it's only 40 minutes away from joe's parents house. just sayin'...

  2. Anonymous18.2.10

    And see! You can visit Celia when she goes to New Hampshire because it's only forty.minutes.away. Kind of really perfect in every way.

    Oh, and new reason!:
    You'll be able to fly to Europe just that much faster. My only reason why I would rather move to Boston than Seattle :)

    Let's start pressuring Melissa, shall we?

  3. I love the vibrant colors, they look fabulous. really

  4. i live in boston + grew up here. it is a remarkable city. xo!

  5. Boston really is a lovely, walkable city- I sold my car a month or two after I moved here. The spring, summer, and fall really make it worth putting up with the cold, snowy, winter days. There is just so much to do, to eat, to see... way too much to list! Good luck with your choice :)


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