happy birthday, beverly!

by - 09:19

Today, my little sister turns 26. It is incredibly scary how grown up we are becoming (maybe her, more so than me). In any case, Beverly, if you're reading this, have a fabulous day! Indulge in a long bath, some delicious cake, and a whole lotta pampering from your husband (you deserve it)! I hope to see you very very soon!

Your big sister.

{P.S. Yes, this photo was taken on her birthday, and yet, I'm the one who blows out the candles. Keepin' it classy. Oh, and did you notice the giant bowl of spaghetti, too?}

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  1. That spaghetti bowl is insane! Yum.

  2. C Griff7.3.10

    Next question: What shape or in whose likeness is the cake supposed to be?

  3. Anonymous7.3.10

    Hehe that's adorable. Happy b'day to your sis - I love old family photos and how they're faded around the edges.

  4. C Griff: If you squint your eyes a bit, you can see the shape of Strawberry Shortcake--the cartoon. The cake, in actuality, was a yellow cake with chocolate frosting underneath. The design was pure cartoon. Oh, the 80s.

  5. You two are so adorable, I love the spaghetti bowl, it's massive! ahh too funny

  6. Thanks Sister! Lets get matching haircuts again and re-create this day. Spaghetti and everything. You up for it?? ;)

  7. Beverly: I am ALWAYS up for it. Oh, and it's Bowlcut Mondays at the salon. Shall I make you an appointment?


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