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This morning, Ryan and I went to breakfast. At breakfast, somehow, the topic of eyeglasses came up and I was raving about how much I love my frames that I've had for the past four years--Paul Frank's that I bought in Tokyo which I could not find anywhere in the States. When we got home an hour later, I was horrified to find said glasses completely mangled because our greyhound decided to take them off of the night table and ... destroy them. Completely. To the point of no return. Lenses popped, frame completely chewed, hinges twisted like I had never seen them before.

And I cried. I actually cried. Over eyeglasses! Who does that?

So now the hunt for new eyeglasses begins. I went onto the Paul Frank website to search. And while they have some pretty awesome frames, I'm kind of wary to order them online without being able to try them on first. Have you ever ordered frames online? How did that go?


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  1. that is so sad! awful. and somewhat of a weird coincidence, no?

    and by the by, i've cried over more ridiculous things. (once i cried because UPS lost a package uhm...)

    anyway, i need new glasses too! the hunt is on. (though i agree, not online)

  2. Anonymous24.3.10

    Oh noes! Well, the good thing about buying glasses that don't work out is that you can always sell them on ebay or something, and usually for the same price you bought them for.

    And tanya, you need these glasses, they're screaming your name!:

  3. Nina: Thank you for the encouragement. I am so sad. And still embarrassed to say so.

    Melina: I saw those glasses a LONG time ago and yes, they were screaming my name then, too. But they're £205.00 and I don't even know if that includes lenses! I want the ROME in Clear. SO friggin' rad.

  4. Oh no!! I TOTALLY understand. I ordered my last pair of frames (Ray Bans) online but only after trying them on in the store. But I have a super wide face and no nose so finding frames is insanely difficult. :P If the return policy is lenient, I'd order them online and just send them back if they don't work.

  5. i always order my glasses online! so far it has worked out really well, and is a lot cheaper than going to an opticians. the place i use send samples so you can try them out, or sometimes i go and try them on (or similar styles) in one of the big chains of opticians.

    hope you can find something you like!


  6. Oh! That's awful.

    I get super emotional about my glasses - it's your face! If you don't feel confident about the piece of metal or plastic sitting on your nose, how can you go forth in the world with any confidence? I've never ordered online, but I'm looking into it, since my current frames (which I've had for about four years) are getting a little - okay, a lot - worse for the wear. Good luck!


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