let's get physical.

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I've hit a slump. I won't lie. I have not at all, not once, actually "exercised" since I got back from Miami and did The SMART Ride. (In my mind, riding 165 miles covered my entire year...only I didn't actually do the entire thing--I did about half. But still...) And now I'm getting antsy and I'm feeling it. I don't think it *shows* (yet) but boy, can I feel it. So now I'm feeling this inherent push from within telling me that I should really do something about it. Unfortunately, though, my body is not listening to this, making it extremely difficult to get anything done. And you wanna know what my sorry excuse is? I'll tell you, only because seeing it in writing will hopefully get me to do something: it's cold. Who am I kidding, though? This is Florida. The Sunshine State. Where "cold" means "anything below 70 degrees". Pathetic, I know. How do I get over it? Do any of you exercise regularly? How often? And what activities do you do to enjoy exercise? Do share!


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  1. Oof! I'm starting the feel the exact same way, but I can't decide what to do about it. It's not quite warm enough yet in Canada, but I'm thinking I'll be taking advantage of the city's bike paths once it warms up a little. Until then, the community pool?
    Good luck!

  2. Ugh, I have to start exercising again, too. And I am NOT looking forward to it. This fall and winter have been rough on my thighs and I can't fit my favorite jeans comfortably at the moment. All I wear is skirts these days. As soon as this cold goes away I've GOT to hit the gym...

  3. Anonymous5.3.10

    honey, I haven't been to the gym since December 27th. That's $60 down the drain. *sigh*
    Maybe tomorrow :)

  4. it's everyone's new years resolution to get fit isn't it? Hmmm, well, it was mine as well which I haven't achieved so I don't want to sound hypocritical..but! I used to exercise 5-6 days a week. What worked for me was doing it as soon as I woke up, so that I had the rest of the day ahead of me. I found if I didn't do it straight away I kept finding excuses all day not to do it. What made exercising fun was going to different classes at gym (step, spin, yoga) or if not a class always with my ipod..if I didn't have my ipod it was hard to stay motivated. Hope my old school tips help :) Help you AND me..ha!


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