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While this does not typically fit into my "Random Dose of Loveliness" posts, these two are most definitely lovely. Look at them! Listening to one of my favorite albums of all time on my morning walk to work, I just thought to myself, Lou Reed and Nico, you make my heart melt not only with your beautiful words and songs and voices but also with how f***ing cool you are. {Sigh.}


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  1. Anonymous15.4.10

    Did you ever hear the story about how Nico died? She was living somewhere exotic with tropical weather in the late 80s, I believe. And she only wore black, including a black headscarf a la Grace Kelly style. And one day she went on some errands on an extremely hot day, riding her bike with all her black and her black head scarf. And she died of heatstroke.
    What we do to be stylish...


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