feliz cinco de mayo!

by - 08:07

Today is Cinco de Mayo and while it is definitely a celebratory event in Mexico (particularly in Puebla), it is not nearly the national phenomenon that has spread across the border. Beers (or should I say cervezas?), tacos, margaritas, nachos, and tequila abound, I plan on having a little fiesta myself! Are you celebrating tonight, too?


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  1. That picture is killing me, I haven't had tacos in so long. Happy cinco de mayo to you too!

  2. Oh man! Now I really, REALLY want some tacos. I won't be celebrating but I sure might have to drink a beer or 2 tonight. :)

  3. I need those tacos! Thank god I'm going to a Cinco de Mayo fiesta tonight and we're making tacos and enchiladas, and drinking some cervezas!

  4. Sad... Sweden is completely lame when it comes to Mexican food. I've searched high and low for a good fix, but to no avail.

    Hey Sweden! FYI, nachos are NOT stale tortilla chips with half a jar of salsa poured on top...

    I spent my evening at a French restaurant instead, with a big serving of moules frite. Delicious, yes. But it just felt wrong.


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