have a fantastic weekend!

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It's a hot one this weekend so I think I'm just going to take it easy and relax in the shade. No big plans this time around, which sometimes, is the best plan out there. And you? What are all of your plans this weekend? Doing something more than just lounging around and being lazy?

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  1. Anonymous15.5.10

    Weekend. Trying to get healthy. Thought I was there, but woke up needing to go back to bed. Went to see the new Chris Rock movie. He was good, but I was the only person laughing in the theater. I guess the acid scenes were not funny to other folks. Oh well, I am going to take a nap. It's cold in Buffalo. I need to rest up for substitute teaching next week. I was supposed to write chapter three of my dissertation this weekend. HAHAHA. I can barely write this message. Weekends equal recovery. Cheers!


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