have a wonderful weekend!

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Tonight, I'm planning on getting a few drinks with a very lovely lady friend of mine and then I just want to retreat home for a night in. Yesterday, I got the first disc of the first season of "Twin Peaks" from Netflix and after watching it (for the very first time!) and getting completely creeped out, I kind of am wanting more! I'm hoping disc two is in the mail today! Have any of you seen "Twin Peaks"? What are your plans this weekend?


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  1. OMG - hubs and I were addicted to that show. no kidding, it was seriously addicting and i had nightmares about the dancing midget for years. lol. worth it though. i gotta get netflix.

  2. OH man, that show is so freaking WONDERFUL. Seriously, WONDERFUL. I'm so excited for you!

  3. i'm surprised you missed the viewings back in FSU. the boys were watching it constantly for a while.

  4. Twin Peaks is creepy but good. I actually couldn't watch the 2nd season because I was living alone and it freaked me out too badly...now that I think about it I should start from the beginning and watch through.


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