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Now that summer is practically here in Florida, beach days, pool days, and time in the sun are inevitable. That said, I recently bought this two-piece number and am pretty happy with it, although, I can't help but really adore these vintage-inspired bathing suits from Anthropologie. So classic!


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  1. Anonymous17.5.10

    While in Palm Springs, I saw a girl who had almost the exact same body proportions as me - height, weight, curves, etc - only she was wearing a one piece bathingsuit similar to the top one, and I a crappy RipCurl two piece I bought when I was 18. Since we were so similar in size, I now know that I'll look fantastic in a one piece, don't care about the stomach not tanning, and have decided to bite the bullet and buy one. Yay for easy decisions!

  2. my friend, carrie, bought that top one and it's pretty fantastic. swimsuit season doesn't really exist in this area, which can be a good thing... or bad, depending on how you look at it.


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