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"Meeting" friends on the blogosphere really has its charms. You see, when I started this blog, I had no idea what it would turn into or who would even actually care about reading / looking at my posts. It was a forum for me to just express myself, try to get inspiration / inspire others, and to just see what would happen for fun. Then, I started getting "followers" (which, in my opinion, just sounds creepy) and more and more of you wonderful people kept reading. As a result, I feel like a lot of you have an idea of the type of person I am and the aesthetic I go for.

Take, for instance, Melina from Owl & Peacock. Just the other day, she sent me a link to this necklace. And my heart swelled. It's like she. just. knew.

[Side note: In an awesomely weird coincidence, she and I discovered that we actually were connected in real-life through Melissa, a mutual friend (Melissa was Melina's roommate; I met Melissa in Tokyo and was quick to make her one of my closest friends). Small world!]


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  1. these are aweseome! id like one that only has xxxoxoxo :D

  2. Anonymous8.6.10

    Awww, hurrah! I was internetless for the past two days, finally saw this! Friendship is lovely, and so are you!


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