anniversary weekend!

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Aaaaaand finally! The weekend is here! What a busy one it's proving to be. I should really say that the weekend started yesterday (since I've taken today off from work) with my sister's graduation, the arrival of my brother-in-law and my other sister (and her baby bump!), and the food coma I got myself into last night. Tonight, I'm off to a rehearsal dinner of sorts for Ryan's sister since she's getting married tomorrow! After the wedding, it'll be a casual BBQ at the in-laws, which I am looking forward to. (Hello, pulled pork sandwiches!) And then on Saturday evening, I'm going to one of the twice-a-year Candy Bars shows. It's making me giddy just thinking about seeing Ryan on the drums again (it's been too long!). And lastly, Sunday the 13th is Ryan's and my 2nd wedding anniversary. {Huzzah!} We're planning on spending the day / night at the adorable Post Card Inn on St. Pete Beach, having a picnic, getting some sun by the beach AND pool, and playing some bocce ball. Sounds like a great weekend to me! What are all of you up to?


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  1. i love this photo! :) congratulations on two wonderful years. :) your weekend sounds amazing... add some vino to that picnic and you'll be all set!

    xo nina

  2. Happy Anniversary! I hope the weekend is as great as it's sounds. Enjoy your picnic and beach time!


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