casa negra.

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When I told my mom that I wanted to have a house and paint it black on the outside, she looked at me like I was the craziest person alive. "Why black? That will look so...scary." But I beg to differ, yet I cannot pinpoint what exactly it is about black houses that make them so appealing to me! In any case, this house, in all its modern glory is not only black, but it's also in Buenos Aires, which, in my opinion, ups its cool factor tenfold.


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  1. I saw pictures in a magazine once of a house with black interior walls and it looked incredible. Really luxurious. I tore the pages out but I doubt I'd ever be brave enough to do it.

    I love these pictures too, the black is awesome.

  2. This house is bomb. I think you need to just do it. Life is too short and paint is too inexpensive not to take risks! We painted our living room a golden color and our kitchen is modern with orange walls--insanely love it. I was scared to do it, and it turned out beautiful.

  3. I understand completely! As a kid I wanted to paint my room black, which my parents thought was weird (and wouldn't allow). It's a look I still love, though.

    And I love the contrasting blocks of color in this photo: the black and white house, the green lawn, the blue pool. So cool.

  4. hi ~ i just happened upon your blog. it is great!
    and this house...
    i would so live in it.
    and very happily!
    hope you have a great day!
    ~ terry


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