fight or flight?

by - 08:58

I choose flight! Apologies for the static these past few days. I've just been over the moon about some news that I'd love to share. After several years of planning, Ryan and I have finally purchased our tickets to go to Japan in October! The leaves are supposed to be changing right around that time so it will be beautiful. I can hardly contain myself. This trip is not only going to be one of great fun, it will be one of great importance. You see, Ryan and my dad have never met (eeps!) so it will be an incredible meeting of two forces--the man in my life and the man who gave me life. There will be reunions of friends and family, late-night karaoke, much "lost in translation", subways, trains, walks, and an abundance of food that I cannot wait to sink my teeth into! {Only 61 more days....}


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  1. Anonymous4.8.10

    yayayayayayayayayayay yay!

  2. Anonymous7.8.10

    Yokatta desu ne!

  3. WOO HOO!! I've never been but my sister lived there for awhile and loves it. You'll have a BLAST! The food is fantastic!!

  4. How absolutely exciting!!!


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