a cleanse.

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The past few days have left me feeling sluggish. Labor Day weekend was lax, but it was still a holiday which entailed holiday fare: burgers, hot dogs, and pizza. Yikes. And so today, I've started to embark on a detox that is rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains including brown jasmine rice and quinoa. One of my best friends sent me a how-to guide of a detox that her nutritionist friend had recommended to her. So far, this all makes sense. Let's see if I can last the 9 days. What do you do to refresh your body from within? Are you fans of any sort of cleanses / detoxes that aren't considered dangerous (ahem, Master Cleanser...)? I'd love to know!


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  1. I did the Eastern European brown rice detox (I did not do it for the full multi-week regime, just 5 days) but I felt great afterwards. I would recommend it.

  2. @Robin: What is this Eastern European brown rice detox? Please share!


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