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Last night, Ryan and I had the utmost pleasure and honor of being a part of friends' Mid-Autumn Festival, otherwise known as the Moon Festival. Celebrating the end of the summer harvesting season, family and close friends gather for a feast. The traditional food which is eaten is the mooncake--a morsel of super sweet pastry filled with lotus seed paste and traditionally, an egg yolk. Apparently, the more egg yolks you have in your pastry, the more expensive the mooncake. Anyway, mooncake wasn't the only food we had. There was bbq, rice noodles, curry, leafy greens, fish, corn, grapes and of course, rice. There was even a durian! And although I myself have no desire to ever ingest a durian, Ryan bravely did so and I could not be prouder. {He did, however, need a beer later on that night to "rinse" the durian taste from his mouth. Ha!} I feel like I'm forgetting other foods, but I just can't remember them all right now. And everything was absolutely delicious.

What struck me the most, though, about this celebration wasn't just the food. It was the family. There were aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters, husbands, wives, and children. They all reminded me of my own family. They were a Malaysian-Chinese family and although I myself am not of Malay or Chinese descent, I am of Filipino-Japanese heritage. All of these cultures have many differences but the one thing I noticed was the one thing that connected all of us together: the food. Seeing this family interact with one another made me feel so warm and welcome. I felt so included in this celebration and also so privy to their real home life that few so rarely see and experience. It gave me a greater appreciation for my own family and everything they encompass. After all, my family, with all their quirks, traditions, and manners, shaped everything about who I am today.

Ryan and I left the dinner with bellies full of incredible food and a heart that was so deeply touched.


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