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During these past few months, my husband Adam and I have been excitedly anticipating the arrival of our daughter Olivia. So, when (my sister) Tanya asked us to write a guest post, I thought, what would be more appropriate than sharing a mini renovation? With only a month left to go in my pregnancy, Adam and I finally tackled the transformation from Office to Nursery.

When we tried to find a 'before' photo, we realized we never got around to taking one! But just to give a reference, this is how the room looked back when the previous owners (The Zimmermans) lived here. They had a lot of papers to keep track of, apparently.

So when we got to work thinking about Olivia's nursery, we wanted to make it very calm and charming. I've never been partial to saccharine sweet girl's rooms with tons of ruffles and pink everywhere. Instead, I'm more drawn to rooms with clean lines and a simple, understated elegance. We also decided that the nursery's decor and furniture should be able to suit her taste at any age.

My husband and I love the look of mid-century furniture. Our house's previous owners had this vintage yellow corduroy arm chair, and we fell in love with it instantly. Lucky for us they didn't want it anymore and sold it to us with the house. I love how cozy it makes Olivia's room feel; perfect for those future bedtime stories. The flamingo print next to the chair was a gift from our good friend Carlos. His company, My Alphapets, designs animals using only the letters in a person's name. Since he knew we were from Florida he created a pink flamingo for Olivia. I love how sassy she looks!

We found our crib at IKEA and love it! The lines are simple and the height was perfect for the room. The yellow gingham bumper looks adorable in it.

Adam's sister painted those two paintings for us, based on prints by Dan Stiles and Spencer Wilson. Aren't they cute? The changing table was a hand-me-down from our friend Chinatsu. She bought it about 5 years ago from a yard sale for $10 but never liked it because it was stained an ugly pink birch color. When she found out I was pregnant, she was glad to get rid of it and Adam and I were thrilled! We sanded it down and painted it white to match the crib. And voila! Looks like new!

I just love the sweet flower-print dress hanging from the owl hook. It was Adam's sister's when she was a baby and I can't wait to see it on Olivia.

The knick-knacks on the dresser are things I cherished when I was growing up. The wooden Japanese was given to me when I was about 5 and it is definitely my favorite. The bunny in a kimono plays a sweet song when you turn its base. And of course, we had to buy Ian Falconer's Olivia.

We're thrilled with how the room turned out. And all within our $500 budget! The custom curtains for the closet give the room a nice dose of bright, cheery color and the ledges will no doubt be used to hold a rotation of sentimental and treasured objects. And there's still space on the walls, yet to be filled with Olivia's future art work and many family pictures.

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    Looks great- I'll be there to drop off my gift soon!


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