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Salut! Melina here from Owl and Peacock, thrilled to meet you! Tanya may be in Japan right now, but my head is clearly in France. Some days I like to pretend I'm either living somewhere else or in someone else's shoes; I'll eat or wear or do certain things I normally wouldn't, just to give myself a little excitement and break the routine. So why not pretend we're in Paris today and have ourselves 'une journée française' along with Little Brown Pen - a lovely shop featuring beautiful photographs of Paris!

Morning: Wake up, and immediately open the windows - let the breeze energize you. Play Juliette Greco, preferably on a record player.

10 a.m.: Stop by your local farmers market and pick up beautiful vegetables, fresh eggs and a baguette or two. Definitely eat a little on your walk home, and why not pick up a bottle of wine, too?

1 p.m.: Hop on your bicycle and meet your best friend at a café for a lunch of sandwiches, café au laits and laughs. People watch, and create fantastical biographies involving romances and scandalous affairs.

3 p.m.: Indulge in your sweet tooth and stop by the pastry shop. Ditch your diet if you've got one, and go ahead and order two of everything.

5 p.m.: Get some exercise after all those sweets; have a stroll through a nearby park, and take a break to read. Pet a dog, or several. Pick up some flowers on your way home for a splash of color.

8 p.m.: Head out to meet your beau (or a group of friends) for a long, leisurely dinner and cocktails. Order something new and adventurous, and be sure to wear red lipstick!

Late Night: Get home and watch a French flick (a few suggestions: A Man and a Woman, Happenstance, The 400 Blows, Dans Paris). Smile at your lovely day. Gaze at the calender - a beautiful perpetual calender filled with numbers found all over the streets of Paris - and decide on another day to do it all over again!

*all photos available for purchase at Little Brown Pen

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