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as a bostonian, fall is my favorite time of year. i love having an excuse to stay home on a chilly evening. outside the leaves are blowing in the crispy wind, it's getting dark, and i curl up under a blanket and declare the evening as "all mine".

here are some of the ingredients i use for a successful, nurturing and fun evening. and i prefer to do all of this by myself... (because, let's face it, we all need alone time, right? and it's so delicious when it's spent doing self-indulgent things.)

girls evening in

1. set the mood by lighting a candle. i love fall scents like "pumpkin" and "harvest".

2. pop in your favorite romantic comedy, or the documentary from netflix you've been dying to see.

3. multi-task by flipping through a magazine.

4. wear your coziest, softest socks. the uglier, the better.

5. open a bottle of prosecco, or a nice warm red. savor every sip.

6. paint your finger nails a wild color.

7. enjoy a sweet treat! cookie dough... ice cream... oreos...

8. or if you're more in the mood for something more savory... make a classic grilled cheese.

9. last but not least, heat up a water bottle. place it by your back, belly or feet. let our a sigh of contentment.

now tell me, do you ever do anything like this? doesn't this sound scrumptious? :)



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  1. Awesome! This is pretty much how I spent my weekend, while the guy was camping!!


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