i feliz dia de los muertos !

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The past few days were full of costumes and candy everywhere else but at my household. You see, I think the last time I actually celebrated Halloween was probably about 9 years ago. I stopped wearing costumes and going to Halloween parties. And not for any particular reason except that I think I might have outgrown it. Last year, I was more enthusiastic about the holiday, but for some reason, my feelings for it waned this year. Now, to those who still partake in the festivities, bravo! I'm not at all saying that what you're doing is ridiculous. In fact, I sometimes wish I still had that extra **oomph** that makes the holidays--any holiday--feel more magical. I applaud those who love putting on the make-up and the costumes and having a ball of a time. But for me, I much prefer staying in and/or engaging in something completely un-Halloween. Does that make sense?

In any case, not only is today election day (go vote!) across the U.S., it is also The Day of the Dead, or El Dia de los Muertos, a traditional celebration of departed ones. Back in the day, skulls were kept as trophies to honor those who had passed. Today, instead of real skulls (eeps!) many make sugar skulls with beautifully ornate designs. I think it's such a beautiful tradition to celebrate the dead and remember how they touched our lives in some way.


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  1. AH! I owe you a letter and I haven't forgotten. I'll get it out this week. :)

  2. ♥ love!!
    **mi favorite holiday**


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