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I'm going to take a few days off from the blog world and enjoy few remaining days of the year but wanted to wish you all a very happy new year! What can I say? 2010 is practically over and with that comes two things: a huge wave of relief and nervous butterflies in my stomach about what 2011 will bring. The coming year will be my final year in my 20s and while I am already welcoming 30 with open arms, my 29th year seems a little bittersweet.

2010 was a difficult year. Scratch that--it was more annoying than difficult. I was laid off, I got a new job, and we almost bought a house but backed out at the last minute due to unforeseen issues that would not be resolved. Yet, there were also two monumental events that we had experienced: 1) our trip to Japan--where Ryan finally met my father for the first time and spend time with that side of my family on that side of the world. It was nothing short of amazing. And of course, 2) the birth of my very first niece Olivia Ruth Cote--the most perfect little package in the form of a teeny tiny baby. (Congrats again to my sister and brother-in-law!)

So what will next year be like? I'm really crap with resolutions so instead, I've decided to make goals. Seeing as this is my last year before 30, I've decided to make a "30 Things To Do Before 30" list. Here goes (in no particular order).

1. Make our escape out of Florida plan a reality.
2. Do the L'Eroica antiquated bicycle ride in Tuscany.
3. Cook more meals at home.
4. Open up my ETSY shop.
5. Take time each day to let out a huge breath and let all of the
stresses disappear with it.
6. Have more romantic date nights with Ryan.
7. Send out more hand-written letters.
8. Find something to feel passionate about.
9. Read more books.
10. Grow out my hair (without acting on impulse to chop it all off).
11. Practice patience.
12. Learn how to sail.
13. Pay off my debt.
14. Set pretty pennies aside for more savings.
15. Perfect one authentically French meal.
16. Pare down my closet to only the essential classics.
17. Take more mini-breaks on long weekends to visit out-of-state
friends and family.
18. Ride my bicycle more often.
19. Have a night-time beauty regimen.
20. Stop beating myself up over the very very small stuff.
21. Eat more fruit!
22. Do more arts & crafts.
23. Be {more} comfortable in my own skin.
24. Visit family in Canada.
25. Exercise on the reg.
26. Go to the farmers' market for local produce more often.
27. Go on a camping trip.
28. Buy more art.
29. Get the new Haruki Murakami novel 1Q84 as soon as it
hits the shelves.
30. Learn something new. Anything!
Hopefully this list will prove challenging, enriching, and life-changing. I've never had such a long list of goals to accomplish, but that in and of itself should be interesting. I've got a whole year to complete these and it all starts January 1st. Wish me luck!

Happy New Year to everyone!


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  1. Great list, Tanya! Have a great weekend!

  2. Such a great list that isn't that hard to achieve. You can do it! Happy new year to you!

  3. Love #12! I can already see you as Captain TFH :)

  4. I love this list! Good luck! :)


  5. Happy New Year to you! Your list is so inspiring. I have many of the same goals for myself :) My boyfriend has been dying to read 1Q84, also. He is a big Murakami fan. I can't wait to check out your Etsy shop, as well! Best of luck accomplishing all of your goals this coming year..


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