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Shopping done. Presents wrapped. Christmas time is here! This week will be a hard one for me at work as I am so ready for the weekend to come.

Traditionally, growing up, my family always partook in Nochebuena, the Spanish "Good Night" which is celebrated on Christmas Eve. Although the Japanese side of my family doesn't really do Christmas, my Catholic Filipina mom always made sure that we had a Christmas like the ones she grew up with and that there was lots of food on the table that night. We would typically dine at around 9 pm followed by desserts and coffee afterwards. Then, when the clock struck midnight, we would open presents! The best part was, not only did you get to open your gifts at midnight, if you were good that year, you would still get gifts the next morning from Santa! Everyone wins!

This year, Ryan and I are putting together our own Nochebuena feast and having my mom, step-dad, brother, and one of my sisters over. What will the menu be? I'm not sure yet, but we've got a few ideas up our sleeves. I cannot wait!

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  1. That sounds so fun!

  2. That sounds like so much fun! Enjoy it all!

  3. Sounds awesome! That is was Christmas is all about :)


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