they came and went.

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Five days into 2011 and I still haven't posted anything new...until today! The holidays were awesome. Filled with the F trifecta--food, family, and fun--it was everything I had ever hoped for and more. Oh! I also got Christmas cards from two lovely lovely ladies who I hold near and dear to me, although we only "know" one another through the blog world. The holidays came and went just like that, and I can't help but feel slightly let down that we have to start all over. Then again, that only means that we have an entirely new chance to make it even better than the year before, right? This year, on top of my 30 Before 30 list, I am going to try to be more optimistic about know, look at the glass as half-full more often than not. There's just so much to look forward to!


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  1. This is definitely a fantastic goal. Forget the goals of losing weight and stuff, just be more optimistic and everything else will be easier to do.


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