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A week ago, I bid farewell to a couple of lovely people as they made their way out of the Sunshine State to the Golden State, namely, Golden Gate. And while I am so thrilled at their prospects, plans, and their general enamorment of their City by the Bay, I can't help but have a heavy heart. Tara and Mike are two people who came into Ryan's and my life when they moved into the apartment building that we were living in. We had all seen each other about town but had not gotten to know each other at all. Simply by living in the same space, neighborly dinners, outings, and adventures had begun. Little did we all know that their time in Florida was fleeting.

This morning, I woke up realizing that a week had gone by since their official move and I just felt ...low. It may not seem like that big a deal--friends come and go all the time--but somehow, this feels different. This feels like the a stronger bond, a bigger friendship, a lifelong one. The only difference is, we're now bi-coastal instead of being in the same space and time. This just means that I have to readjust and work hard at keeping in touch through hand-written letters, visits, care packages, et al. When I think of us visiting one another, it makes my heart swell because the new dinners, new outings, and new adventures will begin all over again.


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