everyday harumi.

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Last night, after the famed Family Taco Night, Ryan and I took a detour home to the bookstore in search of an everyday Japanese cookbook. I had mentioned to Ryan that although we have been eating more meals at home, something still lacked in the fulfillment of my cooking. I told him that I wanted to really start mastering some Japanese stand-by's so that we could eat healthful, wholesome meals. It seems that so many of the Japanese cookbooks focus on sushi and other typical meals you'd find at an "Americanized" Japanese restaurant. And that's not what I want to make at home. I want to make foods that I recall my grandmother cooking for my sister and me while we visited when we were children. I want to make the foods that warmed my soul and left me happy and full before going to bed at night. And then I stumbled upon it: Everyday Harumi. This book has it all! Tonjiru, mazezushi, and even ankake donburi. I couldn't believe it. This is the book I've been looking for. I can't wait to start cooking out of it. So tonight, I think I'll try a ginger pork dish with bok choy. Oishii!

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  1. it looks amazing and like so much fun! can you please scan an easy recipe and email it to me so I can try? :D <3 thanks hon!

  2. Nom! Nom! Nom! I can eat a whole pot of maze-zushi right now. But speaking of taco night we had a tex-mex enchilada casserole last night. Must be a Thursday thing. Ha!


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