baby fever | part II.

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Just a few days after our baby shower at New World Brewery, my sister Beverly and her family flew in from Boston for a vacation away from the cold and to spend time with our side of the family as well as her husband's side of the family.  And in the middle of their plans, they also were so gracious and hosted a baby shower involving our families.  

Let me say one thing about my sister:  she knows me.  I mean, she really knows me.  The theme of this shower was kept a secret from me until we arrived.  But upon arrival, my heart swelled.  She brought France to me!  For those of you who read this blog, you know that I have an affinity for all-things French.  From the pâté to the baked brie to the profiterols, it was lovely.  And as an added twist, since we do live in Florida, there was a little bit of southern charm thrown in the mix as well.  Two different cupcakes--red velvet and carrot cake--as well as sweet tea and lemonade were part of the menu that day.

The day was so lovely and it was wonderful spending it with our families.  Again, the reminder that we have such giving, nurturing people in our lives was evident.  It's hard not to feel emotional when everyone around us was being so accommodating.  It's hard for me to sometimes just accept that there are people who actually want to do things for us.  I think there was something ingrained in me at a very young age that it is important and necessary to do things yourself without the help of others--basically, it is important not to rely on others for things.  And while yes, I agree with that, that thought sometimes takes over at times when we should let people do things for us, especially when and if they want to.  Does that make any sense?

In any case, we are grateful for the people around us...and again, I cannot wait for our little one to meet everybody!

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