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About a week and a half ago, I received a lovely little parcel in the mail that I am so excited to share with everyone.  My brother-in-law Adam had told me of a lovely design boutique run by husband/wife duo Carlos and Leah, called My Alphapets that "creates animal characters based on the letters of a person's name".  The neat thing about this is that:  1)  You don't know what kind of animal you're going to get; and 2) They only use Helvetica font!

I knew that once we had a name picked out for our little girl, we would have to have one made for us.  So I contacted Leah, Alphapets' "Customer Service Sweetheart".  Not only was she incredibly awesome and super prompt with her emails, the turnaround time from placing the order to receiving it was amazingly fast.  I had no idea what to expect but could not be happier with what we received.

I asked Leah to send me some "behind-the-scenes" photos of their process so that I could honor them with a blog post and she willingly sent them my way!  This little print seriously completes the little library corner of her nursery.  And we are thrilled that we have something so personalized for the little one!

A huge thank you to Carlos and Leah!  We love love love what you've done for us!

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