ombré chromeotherapy.

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Recently, my great friend Tara pointed out to me that the colors I wear reflect my mood.  It's a subconscious thing that we do.  I never paid much mind to that, but the more I started looking at what is in my closet, the more I believe it.  Take today, for example.  I'm in black and wouldn't you know I'm not feeling so hot right now.  (Of course, I have a little bit of denial and like telling myself that it's not that I'm down; I just think black is chic, duh.)

Anyway, these skyskapes by Eric Cahan are just so beautiful.  The colors are so vibrant and look like they could have been inspired by Rothko paintings.  When I look at them, my heart swells a little.  Maybe she's right and all I needed was a little bit of color.


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