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These science prints would look fantastic in a home office or a kid's bedroom, don't you think?  

When Ryan and I celebrated our first anniversary, we gave each other the traditional gift of paper.  However, we put our own spin on it and did crafty things with that paper.  I folded him ninety-nine white origami hearts and one red one and put them in a shadow box frame.  He painted me a variety of butterflies and also put them in a shadowbox with pins to mimic preserved butterflies.  He even put their Latin names underneath each type of butterfly.  Interestingly, neither of us knew what the other was doing and so it was a complete surprise when we both saw our hand-made gifts.  

When I saw these prints, they reminded me of that first anniversary and how I loved everything about it.  And now I want to paint something similar to put them in Anaïs's room when she's older.


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