a new name for everything.

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Is anyone still out there?  After a couple months of being in hiding, I think maybe, just maybe I am ready to come out.

That said, HELLO!

In case you haven't noticed, T Spoon of Sunshine has gotten a make-over.  And it's about damn time.  The lovely Erin of Jingleheimer Blog Design took my very vague ideas of what I wanted for this space, this creative outlet, and ran with it.  I gave her artistic freedom to do what she wanted with very little input and she just totally got it.  Perfectly, don't you think?

In many ways, this post feels like the first day of so much that I have to live for.  It feels like the first of many firsts.  It is the first of the month, the first real post, and a start to chronicling the life I am now living complete with victories, regrets, expectations, and everything else in between.

A lot has changed in the last several months.  That's an understatement.  And while yes, it has been a very tragic few months, I am looking at the silver lining in all of this and will outright say that I am not anyone's tragedy.  I am a person with so much to live for.  And that's what I am setting out to do:  live life more fully now than I ever have before.  So watch out:  you won't know what hit you.

So long, past.  Past-due.  A new name for everything.

[NOTE:  I want to make something clear, though:  I do not want this blog to be death- or widow- or single-mother-centric at all.  I want to keep writing mostly about the highs of my life (and other's) and seldom the lows.  I want to celebrate victories and achievements as well as plans and daydreams.  Sure, there will be the occasional dark post, but that's life, isn't it?  It can't always be happy and shiny, given the current hand that I've been dealt.  But that's just it:  I have to keep living and I have to deal with it in the best way I know how to.  In the beginning of my "return", I'm sure I will have more posts that are relevant to the tumult that I have just experienced.  Again, however, let me reiterate, I am not turning this into a "grief blog".  At all.]


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  1. This made me smile a great-big smile.

  2. Anonymous1.12.12

    I can see the sun shining again all the way from Ontario, but it isn't about the flash it is about the attitude. So good to "see" you. All the beautiful years past, present, and future are meant to be. Live them up to the fullest!


  3. Yay. This makes my heart happy.

  4. ummmm when i first saw this blog title i thought hey, that's a weakerthans song! and hey, they're one of my favourite bands from my city of winnipeg, manitoba, canada! i am so happy to see you are back with a fresh new look. the picture of you and your lovely child is all i needed to see.

    congrats :)

  5. Glad you're back. Looking forward to hearing about your victories in the new year.

  6. admiring your strength to the fullest <3
    there is nothing self-auto-cheerful better than maintaing a creative, positive +bright outlet like you have chosen to continue to do via this blog.
    btw, the new format looks great, lite and vibrant.

    ready for the new alls to come +follow your journey, whatever it may be
    much love tanya y hugs xxo <3

  7. YAAASSS girl. Can't wait for all of your glorious posts to come. Love YOU. <3 Monika

  8. i'm guessing things are pretty crazy for you, but i'd love to resurrect the slow mail pen-pal exchange!! send me your mailing address when you have a sec, if you're feeling up for it :)

    allisoncorinne at gmail

  9. It was so lovely to see a new post from you today and made my heart glad.

  10. Welcome back :)

  11. NICE!! this post was perfect... absolutely perfect.

    are you coming to the bay, or what?

  12. love the new look! :) perfection.


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