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Two days ago, A and I surprised my nearest and dearest friend and bestie by showing up at her place for her birthday.  Thats right--flying coast to coast alone with a baby.  Talk about a challenge!  But hey, guess what.  I AM up for any challenge thrown my way.

Last night, we celebrated the birthday of my west coast best, my bi-coastal love affair, my confidant, and sister, Tara.  It was a night of tarot card reading (yes!) dancing, boozy hugs, and tears.  I mean, what's a birthday party without tears?  It was a birthday wonderland and I am still on a high (or is that a hangover?) from the festivities and excited about what the rest of this weekend has in store.

If you're reading this, then obviously, the world did not implode leaving us all as dust particles in a black hole.  So many people were making such a stink about the supposed end of the world.  And for what,  posterity?  Come to find out, people totally misinterpreted the Mayan idea of the end of the world.  Instead of the world physically falling apart, they believe this is the end of an actual cycle in time.  That's more like something I definitely can get down with.  The party definitely brought that on.

The new year can't come soon enough.  There are limitless possibilities and so many things to look forward to.  Hey, 2013, BRING IT.  After all, my golden opportunity is coming very soon.

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  1. this obviously means that you'll be moving to the GOLDEN state. ;)

  2. this sounds like the perfect and most outrageous bday surprise! sisters are worth it :)


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