music monday: sunbears!

by - 08:30

When people think of Florida, I think the first things that come to mind are sunshine, heat, orange juice or Disney World but music? Not so much.  So imagine my surprise when learning that Sunbears!, based out of Jacksonville, is good.  Actually, quite good, in fact.  This song pulled at my heartstrings from the second I listened to it.  Yes, I sobbed like an idiot and cried a very ugly but very necessary cathartic cry when I listened to it for the first time, but hey, in the end, it felt good and that's what counts, right?  Thanks, Sunbears! for making music that matters.  Happy Monday, everyone!  

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  1. I've missed you.
    A drafted email from weeks ago is saved; I'll get it over to you soon, I promise.

  2. this is a terrific beautiful song and their name is adorable, so that helps. glad to see you blogging, lady!

  3. Anonymous5.12.12

    Sunbears! :)



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