it's go time.

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Woah.  WOAH.  You guys, has it really been nearly three weeks since I last wrote?  There's something that feels terribly wrong about that.  I haven't exactly been sitting on my ass doing nothing, though, so hear me out.  I went out to the west coast again, but this time, visited tons of friends in Los Angeles.  I had a fantastic time exploring the different museums with A and I will say, out west, they really know how to do food right.  I mean, damn.  And then, upon returning to the east coast after a whole week out there, I had to really buckle down and get stuff sorted out in Atlanta.  Sure, excuses, excuses.  But guess what:   I accomplished the goal of getting it done!  I scored an amazing place in a really adorable neighborhood where I just know Anaïs and I will thrive.

Every day is a day closer to a new life.  Every day is a day closer to being very real.  I welcome that realness with open arms.  I thought it would scare me, but it doesn't.  It just gets me so excited.  And I just can't hide it.

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  1. Good! Glad to hear that you are taking the steps you need to move forward- as much as it's good to remember where you come from, never good to get stuck in the past. lots of love.


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