the great wave.

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Sometimes, even the most beautiful days can make you feel sad.

Officially establishing myself as a Georgia Peach over the last month has been kind of a whirlwind full of waiting lines, fits of frustration and rage, and then suddenly, a very big calm blanket that hugs me with a feeling of accomplishment.  That "fuck yeah" moment, you know?  Yet, even with that, I still go through, what I call waves.  I have waves of sadness that consume me and that's normal.  I am, after all, still going through grief.  That being said, just because I feel this sadness doesn't mean that I'm paralyzed.  If anything, the sadness is the kick in the ass that I need to just get me moving even more.

This print, done by a husband and wife duo under the name of KOZYNDAN, is aptly titled "Uprisings" and was inspired by one of my favorite artists, Hokusai and his wave.  The juxtaposition of the tumultuous and fierce ocean with the soft and fluffy bunny rabbits reflects the waves I feel in that when I am actually in it, I feel helpless and overwhelmed but remind myself that once the wave passes, all starts to feel right with the world again.  There is a softness and the new life I have laid out has halcyon days forever.

Looking at the print makes me smirk a little bit.  It is so deceptively angry from afar.  But upon closer inspection, it's nothing but simple and adorable.


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