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Much has happened in the last year.  I feel like I've turned lemons into so many different varieties of lemonade that some people have enjoyed what I've created, while others have not.  Everything has flown by and is continuing to fly by faster than I thought it ever would.  This has, hands down, been the fastest year of my life.  You know what?  Thank goodness it went by as quickly as it has because without this upward mobility, who knows where I would be?  Everything great that has happened in the last year has happened for a reason.  And I'm taking it.  

So, speaking of great things, I'm a new contributor to the Momfilter, the wonderful online "lifestyle playbook for parents".  I'll be working on a series sharing my experiences that have shaped me up to this point and beyond.  I couldn't tell you how exposed I feel at the moment, but I also feel more honest and real.  Here goes nothing.  :-)

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