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You guys. There is a tiny little boy napping. In his crib. In his room and I am actually hands-free and writing this post! Call me crazy, but that is a feat in and of itself. In our first week, we were thrown through the ringer with seemingly endless nights, wailing banshee cries, "threenager" management and getting our sea legs back at this whole new-baby-in-the-house thing. Not gonna lie, it's been challenging to say the least. Sleep deprivation and exhaustion are a pretty tough combination to live through fueled with lots of coffee, but something we keep reminding ourselves of is that this is temporary. This is temporary.

My friend Kaleen asked if she could take some photos of us as a newly formed family of four, so ten days into it, she came over and caught a behind-the-scenes glimpse into what our new life looks like. Don't be fooled by the peaceful beauty these photos evoke! Keep in mind that juggling a newborn and a toddler is complete and utter chaos. Yet, she had a way of making everything look dreamy, serene and magical.

Now, five weeks later, dare I say we're handling this new(ish) lifestyle like a boss? No, Akira isn't sleeping through the night yet. Yes, we are still tired beyond belief. But all of this is not for naught. All of this is what grounds us and makes us want to be better parents, maybe even better people. In the few minutes of quiet that we have between naps or feedings or both, it's what brings Jesse and me closer together knowing that we are in it together and making it all happen. Because you know what? These early days will eventually fade and it will all seem like a blur. Those newborn coos, that fresh baby smell, the absence of imminent sibling rivalry--all of that will one day disappear. No matter how difficult it feels in that moment, I know that we as a family are always about to turn a corner and reach some sort of milestone. For now, we just have to keep on keepin' on, one cup pot of coffee at a time.

P.S. I am now chronicling my Adventures in Motherhood over at Pregnancy & Newborn! Won't you read along? Find my first post here.

PHOTOS COURTESY OF KALEEN ENKE (follow her on Instagram!)

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  1. so cute!i know how hard is Motherhood in Life, but after you hear the heartbeat of your baby it deosnt matter anymore!i wish you good luck!


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