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I know this is a stupidly late 'Happy New Year' post. I know that I've fallen so far behind in blogging. I know that I don't really have any excuses except that I've been feeling really kind of meh when it came to my blog. But I've been getting the itch to do this again and I really wanted to share these photos of our New Year's Day when our family visited us here in Atlanta, at our new home. The kids (all five of them!) love each other so much and although they only see each other but once or twice a year, it was heartwarming to see them together without missing a beat. And, of course, it's always great to see my brother-in-law James and his wife, my sister-friend and confidante Ebony. My father-in-law stopped by and hung out with all his grandkids, too! Pizzas were made! Dance parties were had! Puddle jumping was done! And all of this was captured through the fantastic lens of my dear friend Kaleen.

Their visit was one that still makes me smile. While the kids all went to bed, the adults stayed up with cocktails and bottles of wine. We told stories, we got a sitter and had a kid-free double date night out in our neighborhood. We caught up on life, we laughed until we cried and it made the world feel more whole again. So, three and a half months into 2017, Happy New Year!

[NOTE: I had great plans, guys, great plans to start blogging more regularly in 2017. I had all these ideas that I just wanted to get down but when I managed to eek out some time to sit quietly with my thoughts, something else came up or needed my attention. Sometimes (most times, quite honestly), I just didn't feel like it. But why?

I felt like my posts were stagnant. I felt like I had nothing new to contribute. I felt like a lot of what I had to say would be going into an echo chamber. I mean, what could I say that would be of interest right now? It seemed frivolous to write about travel daydreams or a new spring trend I was noticing or even to just write about mundane, everyday family life.

Then I thought, you know what? Maybe I should! Maybe I shouldn't think too hard about this because, at the end of the day, this blog's whole purpose was to just put my thoughts some place and if you wanted to know about them, then great! If not, move along. While the internet is a place for incredible sources of information, it is also currently a place where so much negativity is available at the click of a link. So, maybe I should write some more and add to the frivolity, if it means making people smile and forget about the weight of the world.]

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  1. so happy for you babe
    take your time
    much love from the west<3333


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