the first day of spring.

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Spring is here! Spring is here! It's finally starting to warm up during the day but there's still that chill in the air when the sun goes down. Spring always has me looking forward to the rest of the year. It's like a reset button for the year with all the flowering plants and greenery looking more and more lush each day.

And with all this on the brain, I can't help but daydream of all the pretty things.

Wouldn't this vintage inspired bag be perfect for picnics?

A statement making maxi for an al fresco dinner date.

A vibrant spring farmers market salad.

A gorgeous quilt perfect for taking naps in the park.

And lastly, this crisp bottle of rosé. Because, yes way rosé.

Hope everyone has a great beginning of the week and a wonderful start to spring! Happy Monday, everyone!

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